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Transform Your Health

At Oya Yoga, we believe in the power of positive, life-giving transformation.  Life is too short to live half-heartedly. By exploring the balance between rest, play, and effort, we learn how to heal, restore, and move forward in light and love. Through the support of meaningful relationships, we provide a safe space in which to regain control over your health and wellness. True, lasting transformation doesn’t come about on our own.  It takes a village, and our community inspires us. Our students connect us. Our hearts unite us. Together, we are transformed. Together, we are Oya Yoga.  

Come embrace the power of change and transformation in an all-encompassing yoga community. 

Infrared Panels

We offer a variety of classes including YinYoga, meditation, health or injury related and restorative classes. In one of our studio rooms we will feature unique infrared panels on the ceiling. These panels will directly heat the body, without raising the air temperature to uncomfortable levels. For more info check out http://yogapanels.com/infrared-health-benefits


Find Your Zen

Find a calming space in a smaller class environment in the Zen Room. Featuring more detailed guidance including health-oriented and restorative instruction. This smaller room is also a Zen space, members can use this space for a meditation during certain hours.

Chiropractor Wellness at Oya Yoga Studio

With an extensive class program, where there’s something for everyone, Oya Yoga is privileged to have a top Atlanta-area chiropractor at the studio. Adding chiropractic care to our very knowledgeable teaching staff, we stand ready to support you in your quest for total wellness.



Oya Yoga Studio also has carefully selected items for you to purchase in our boutique. Visit Oya anytime to see what's new and fresh in our yoga studio.

Oya Yoga Studio

50 Canton Street, Suite 114

Entrance on Teasley Street (back of bldg.)

Alpharetta, GA 30009

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