Marie-anne Cassee, Author at Oya Yoga Studio
The Modernization of Yoga

The Modernization of Yoga

The originators of yoga were not likely concerned with the style of yoga that people were doing at the time, or the level of dedication with which they practiced. For that matter, there was probably little attention paid to what clothes they were wearing or what language they spoke. They likely created the practice from what inspired them as individuals; what came to them through their personal desires or needs.

In many ways, that concept still holds true today. Yoga remains rooted in its ancient values and you see it in most classes. Yogis continue to celebrate its beginnings by honoring the uniqueness of their own style, preferences, needs and capabilities. Yes, the traditions of yoga remain intact. But that doesn’t mean its unchanging. Far from it in fact. Yoga has evolved substantially over time to become what it is today. Had the practice not departed from its roots in some way during the past thousands of years, we may not be practicing today – at all.

The practice of yoga continues to grow more vibrant every day. There is no question about the popularity of the practice as millions of people across the globe participate. Now yoga is on the brink of another crucial step in its evolution. It is once again returning focus to present things: what we need right here, in this culture, and in our time.

As time constraints and busy lifestyles have evolved, so too has the practice. One of the many things that I appreciate about Oya Yoga is that it’s steeped in community while still valuing individualism. With a few moments at the beginning of class, or at the end – or perhaps both, yogis reflect on their own needs and purpose. It is modern, arguably more individualized practice among a community of like-minded practitioners from diverse backgrounds – this is what I know and appreciate about yoga today. We can make it our own. When you practice, whatever your style or preference, yoga opens us up for greater awareness to expand our creativity; it offers an opportunity to re-center – to calm the chaos; an opportunity to connect to what matters most.

Everything changes, and yoga has evolved to become the modern, functional practice that works well for our on-the-go, mobile-minded culture. As a practitioner for more than 20 years, I believe there is a balance of honoring tradition while welcoming modernization. We can benefit from celebrating and learning from yoga’s originators, but we also grow exponentially when we make room for modernization.

Corona Virus – Prevention and Treatment

Corona Virus – Prevention and Treatment

Basic / Essential Protocol for Prevention

Vitamin C 5000 mg    1x daily 
Zinc 50 mg    1x daily 
Vitamin A 20,000 units     1x daily 

NOTE: for increasing risk of exposure or epidemic – increase to 2x daily 

Additional Considerations – one of the following:

Echinacea    1 – 2x daily 
1,3 BetaGlucan   1 – 2x daily 
Mushroom Immune support (ganoderm, shiitake)   1 – 2x daily 

NOTE: for increasing risk of exposure or epidemic – increase to 2x daily

Personal Hygiene – basics:

Wash hands frequently
Hand sanitizer – silver, essential oils

Corona Virus Protocol for Treatment

Vitamin C 2500 mg 6x  daily * 1 – 2 weeks, then 2x daily 
Zinc 25 – 50 mg 2x daily * 1 week, then 1x daily 
Vitamin A 20,000 units  3x daily * 1 week, then 1x daily * 1 week
Monolauren tablets 3  tablets 4x daily * 1-2 weeks, then reduce gradually  
Colloidal / Hydrosol Silver        
Day 1- 1 tbsp hourly – hold in mouth * 2 minutes, swallow 
Day 2 – 5 – every 3 hour
Day 6 – 10 – every 8 hours 
Nebulize DILUTE Peroxide or Silver   every hour – as needed or directed 
Custom Homeopathic viral every hour – as directed 

NOTE: IV Therapy should or can be started for worsening symptoms 

IV Therapy options:

  • IV Vitamin C          
  • IV Dilute peroxide 
  • IV Silver                
  • IV Ultraviolet light therapy 
  • IV ozone 

Questions regarding the protocol or if suspected viral illness can be addressed by appointment (phone or office) 

Real Health Medical – Rhett Bergeron MD – 2/2020 

Fear (Bhaya) and the Corona virus

Fear (Bhaya) and the Corona virus

Fear (Bhaya) and the Corona virus,
Years ago I was struck by a translation I found of FEAR, as False Evidence Appearing Real! Fear
appears to be real but it actually is a projection of the limitations of our own minds. Very often they
are exaggerated emotions created by past experiences. It’s good to know that fear is created by
our own belief patterns. So ask yourself when you feel your FEAR level rising, “what is real and
what is not “, so you begin to understand where this comes from.

Fear is related to negative and pessimistic thinking. Know that you have a choice, think of the glass
half full or half empty, which one would you choose? Fear can create chaos when you buy into it,
but it can also be a powerful opportunity for self discovery and growth. With fearful thoughts you
expect the worst, but they might not be true. Identify the root of your fear, make pros and cons of
what could happen, then indulge in positive self talk and take positive action step by step.

So what about this Corona virus (COVID-19), there’s tremendous fear about this unknown virus
that is spreading so rapidly, related to lack of knowledge and no vaccination available yet. It is a
cold virus and only in rare cases and with certain underlying illnesses, it can cause severe
symptoms. Most people heal within two weeks, but more important is what can you do to prevent
and minimize the symptoms of this virus.


Fear causes stress, yoga is your release! The infrared panels in the studio have a lot of benefits
like the increase of circulation and it promotes detoxification. Move your body daily to oxygenate
and improve cellular health, it will help move your lymph, which is part of your immune system, that
will then be able to strengthen. Of course take your vitamin D, make sure you check this with your
health care provider. Eat healthy, lots of greens, juice veggies and fruits, eat salads, avoid sugar,
sleep enough and if possible for you, try intermittent fasting. Use our ancient Awakenings Kefir to
add good bacteria to your gut that can ward off disease. And check on our Energetix nutritionals,
botanicals and homeopathics. Contact us for a consultation with Energetix specialist Sandi McGriff.

To release Fear: in your yoga practice or day connect to Abhaya mudra, a hand gesture of
courage and fearlessness.
– Raise your hand to shoulder level with your palm facing forward, fingers joined together and
– You can use one hand or both.
– In Warrior II pose, bend your back elbow, fingers joined ad palm facing forward
– Goddess pose, you can do this with both hands
– Sukhasana, cross legged seat, bend both elbows, fingers joined, palms out
– Breathe slow and deep, preferably use an Ujjayi breath, stay as long as you like
The breath: with Nadhi Shodana you can can release fear, purify and clear the channels of
circulation and balance both hemispheres of the brain.
– Find a comfortable seat
– See which nostril is flowing more smoothly.
– Bring index and middle finger to your forehead, thumb on right nostril and ring finger on left one.
– Close passive nostril and exhale through active nostril
– Inhale through active nostril
– At the end of inhale close active nostril and exhale and inhale through the passive one.
– Repeat 5-9 times
– At the end take three more deep breaths through both nostrils

I wish you health, wisdom and Happiness!


Marie-Anne Cassee