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Oya Yoga offers two fully-equipped studios with a wide range of options for every yogi, at every level. Each studio offers just the right amount natural light with beautiful glimpses of nature.  

Transform, the largest studio, features a unique way to safely practice in a warm environment without leaving the body feeling depleted. Designed to warm your body from within, this studio provides a nurturing, tranquil and reflective space to practice or meditate. The warmth generated from far infrared panels has long been a used as a leading therapy for years, delivering a multitude of healing remedies. 

Create is the more intimate studio, featuring the restorative comfort of calming lights, yoga wheels and meditation pillows. 

Experience everything Oya Yoga has to offer.  

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Designed to bring about optimal function both physically and mentally, Ashtanga classes are led in a series consisting of the same sequenced movements each class. This repetition helps practitioners master each pose, provides a deeper connection to breath, and enables a deeper meditative state especially as the postures become more familiar. Ashtanga is held in both the Transform and Create Studios. Check the schedule for details.



bodyART leverages everything that is essential from multiple disciplines, leveraging is a mixed-methods approach to the body, movement, and wellness. Incorporating techniques from yoga, pilates, calisthenics and kinesiotherapy, this class builds strength, creates openness, and energizes the total body. bodyART is held in both the Transform and Create Studios. All levels welcome.



Meaning: “breath with movement”, this class incorporates many types of yoga sequences with the specific purpose of maintaining a rhythmic flow of the breath. As the poses vary in duration and intensity, the focus on the breath helps to anchor and focus the practitioner. Breathe and Flow classes are held in both the Transform and Create Studios. All levels welcome.


Nidra is a Sanskrit term meaning "sleep." In yoga, yoga nidra is a meditation practice that induces a state of deep, but conscious relaxation. The goal of yoga nidra is to achieve a state of samadhi (intense concentration), enlightenment, or bliss. This is the same goal as every form of yoga and meditation. All levels welcome.

Roll and Restore (Yoga Ball Classes)

To experience yoga at the deepest level, this class is designed to release, stretch and relieve muscle aches and tension using therapeutic yoga balls. Not only will this class enable the practitioner to experience relief from everyday aches and pains, but it will also allow a deeper experience of yoga postures themselves. This class also helps to calm and relax the mind as physical tension is released. Roll and Restore is held in the Create Studio. All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga

Offering depth and release as poses are held for three to five minutes, allowing the practitioner to fully sink into the posture. Through a prolonged exploration of the pose, greater openness is revealed as deeper layers of fascia (connective tissue) release. When practicing yin yoga, you not only increase flexibility, but also gain a deeper appreciation of meditation while holding the poses. Yin Yoga is held in both the Transform and Create Studios. Check the schedule for details.

• Joyful Flow (Kid’s Yoga)

Children are the best at playing, exploring, and discovering the world. From relationships to the precious bodies they live in, this class provides a fun and safe environment where kids can learn the importance of self-love, kindness and gratitude while developing a solid foundation. These classes will often coincide with other adult classes, enabling parents, older siblings, nannies, and caretakers to practice concurrently. Joyful Flow is held in the Create Studio. Children ages 6-12 are welcome to attend.

Empower and Flow (Power Style)

To be empowered is to exude prana or lifeforce. Powerful movement may or may not come naturally, but it’s with practice and dedication that it becomes more organic to your everyday movement. With the addition of yoga flow to this class, all movement becomes a balance of strength and grace. Flow to a more confident and strong version of yourself. Empower and Flow is held in both the Transform and Create Studios. All levels welcome.


Explore and Align (Learner Yoga)

Whether you’re brand new to yoga, or you’ve been practicing yoga a little while and want a deeper understanding of alignment, this class is for you! Discover yoga as it pertains to asana (physical practice), pranayama (breath work), and other yogic concepts. Practitioners will learn how to properly align their body in poses to prevent injury and to optimize its benefits. This class is taught in workshop style to accommodate learning and growth as practitioners explore and deepen their practices. A perfect format to ask questions and get support or modifications. Explore and Align is held in the Create Studio. All levels welcome.

Ground and Center (Meditation)

Ground and Center is a class designed to explore the art of meditation. Each week, students will be led in a unique guided meditation. Increase self-awareness, relieve stress and find your inner calm. Classes are 60 minutes in length and will begin with about 10-15 minutes of grounding exercises to cultivate body awareness, 30-35 minutes of guided meditation, and end with about 10-15 minutes of preparation for the day. Ground and Center is held in the Create Studio.


Meditative Movement (Slower, Fluid Flow Vinyasa)

Offering the opportunity to practice “entrainment,” or the idea of “syncing” with the breath, movement, energy, and music around you. It takes vinyasa to a deeper level of understanding as each movement fluidly links with the next as a form of physical meditation. Meditative Movement is held in both the Transform and Create Studios. All levels welcome.


Motherhood Yoga

This yoga experience is designed as an encouraging and affirming safe haven for mothers-to-be. Whether you’re trying to conceive, already expecting a little one, or recently gave birth, this class addresses the all things fertility, pre-natal, and postpartum through the practice of yoga. Pranayama, pelvic floor health and meditation accompany the physical practices to bring greater mental, emotional, and physical health to both mama and baby. Motherhood Yoga will be held in our Create Studio. Check the schedule for details.

Strengthen and Flow (Yoga Sculpt)

This class seeks to tone, strengthen, and focus the body as you flow seamlessly from pose to pose. Using weights, blocks, resistance bands, and other props, this class brings greater awareness to breath and muscle engagement while getting the most from every yoga posture. Strengthen and Flow is held in the Transform Studio. All levels welcome.


Universal Yoga

Universal Yoga is based on the mayakoshas (sheaths) to create balance on all the layers of self (physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, intellectual, bliss and karmic layers) using the three main threads of yoga practice: body, breath, and mind. A typical class will combine strengthening, stretching and balancing asanas, vinyasas, breathing techniques and turns on the mat, creatively integrated using all major ranges of motion for arms, legs, and spine. The primary goal is not only to work the physical body, but to target one’s concentration, balance energy and the nervous system, develop focus and attention, to turn awareness inward, cultivating deeper personal development. You will leave feeling peaceful and balanced. Universal Yoga is held in both the Transform and Create Studios. All levels welcome.


A combination of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, this class begins with a series of Yin postures, finishing with Savasana, or resting pose. During Savasana, the instructor guides the students through a form of deep, meditative relaxation called Yoga Nidra. This class allows for deep release and relaxation physically, emotionally, and mentally.  YiNidra is held in the Create Studio.

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