Infrared Panels enables yogis of all levels to experience the incredible benefits of yoga while offering all of these additional health benefits:*

Heart Health

Fast becoming one of the most efficient ways for patients to improve their heart function after a heart attack. The gentle warming results in a mild increase in heart rate to promote healing. Use of Far Infrared heat improves circulation and reduces fluid around the heart.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Research demonstrates a reduction of pre-cancerous cells in patients treated with Far Infrared Heat Therapy. Efficient and consistent practice of yoga and other health modalities, in this environment can help considerably in cancer cell prevention.

Helps Recovery from Cancer

Recent studies demonstrate that therapy from Far Infrared enhances recovery in cancer patients. Far-infrared heat helps the body remove toxins from cancer therapies and enhances general well-being and recovery. Please consult your physician prior to use.

Improves Arthritis

Heating the body with Far Infrared heat will help remove inflammation around the joints and soften the aches of arthritis.  Students will find stronger practices and relief from arthritis pain during class, and long after class is over.


Reduces Pain

Heating the overall body under the gentle, comforting heat of Far Infrared Yoga panels allows students to reduce their pain and enhance their practices.

Fights Diabetes

Type II diabetics are turning to yoga and meditation to help manage their diabetes. Far Infrared heat is proven to help by enhancing heart health, improving circulation and reducing pain that limits movement and exercise. Far Infrared heat is also proven to improve skin tone and reduce inflammation around injection sites for Type I Diabetics.

Promotes Cellular Growth

Cellular growth is essential to good health and current research points to increased cellular functioning with the use of Far Infrared Heat. Practicing yoga in this gently warmed environment can help improve cellular health.

Improves Circulation

A healthy circulatory system results in a healthy body by moving oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and eliminating what is no longer needed.  Practicing yoga under Far Infrared heat with proper breathing and alignment help improve overall health.

Enhances Sleep Quality

Ease tension and aching muscles. This enhanced relaxation creates a lasting effect and supports a deeper, more restful sleep.

Increases Muscular Health

Warming the muscles gently and increasing circulation with Far Infrared Heat, we increase muscular health, experience fewer muscle strains, and find more enjoyment in your practice.


Clears Skin Issues

Increased heating and perspiration offers improved circulation and pulls wastes from the body through the skin. Far-Infrared Heat helps reduce and even eliminate acne, speeds the healing of cuts and bruises, and helps heal rashes and other skin irritations. Leave the skin clean and rejuvenated. 

Augments Weight Loss

Removing harmful substances through perspiration and increasing the heart rate, helps the body achieve its greatest potential. Enhance weight loss efforts with an exploration of healthy living, exercise, and more efficient removal of waste products. 

Reduce Stress

Practicing under the comforting warmth of Far Infrared heat aids in stress reduction. This time allows the body to function properly and the mind to relax from the daily stressors. Enjoy a quiet, reflective environment to set your mind at ease.

*The information contained within this website is for informational purposes only. This site is intended to provide information about the traditional uses and benefits of various healing modalities. Always seek advice from a medical practitioner.

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