Never Believe You are Powerless!

August 29, 2017

At Oya we believe in the power of change and transformation. Never believe you are powerless, this only exists in the mind and is just created by words! But at times you might and if that is happening, you can change this feeling by taking a powerful posture. 


According to Amy Cuddy (social psychologist at Harvard), changing your posture can change your life, and your power can come from just a pose! Power is how you handle and react to stress. It’s true that powerful people are more optimistic, but they also have higher testosterone levels, a power hormone that is associated with confidence and assertiveness. They also show low cortisol levels which is a stress hormone. When cortisol is on the rise there will be an inability to adapt to stressful situations. When people use a high power pose they have a 20% increase in testosterone and 25% decrease in cortisol. People in a low power pose have a 10% decrease in testosterone and 15% increase in cortisol.


It’s all about your body language! A high power pose for a couple of minutes can reconfigure your brain. Breathe deeply and take an expansive posture whenever you have an event where powerful interactions are expected. Expand, make yourself as tall as possible, keep your arms overhead for 2 minutes, stand on your toes, and move through some expanding yoga poses if the space allows you to do so. Yoga has a mind, body and spirit connection, the bodywork in yoga will give a mental reward. Yoga can make you feel peaceful, energized and gives you a beautiful experience of who you are. 


Non verbals govern how we think, take a powerful posture when someone or a situation deletes you from your powerful energy. Allow your mind a break, add yoga into your life and move into your body, it will change the way you feel mentally and physically, I promise you! 


Until we open, keep checking this blog, we will keep adding powerful information for you! 








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